“A party without cake is just a meeting.”

I believe that baked goods are God’s way of saying, “Hey. You down there…you’re doing a great job at living. Keep it up.”

I don’t really trust anyone who doesn’t like sweets or chocolate. It’s honestly a sin in my opinion. My first word was cookie (not joking) which is extremely appropriate because I would say the cookie is my favorite food in the entire world. There are so many varieties that I don’t think I could actually bake all of them, even if I really tried and did one every day.

I like baking because a. it’s hard to really screw up and b. every recipe is a tiny little experiment that USUALLY ends deliciously. Oh, and c. because I LOVE SUGAR AND CHOCOLATE.

I always take pictures of my final products because even if I use a recipe, I really am proud of what I did and I feel like it deserves to be documented. I also constantly change the recipes and adjust them to what I think will work, because that’s more fun and you can customize to your own taste and style. What I lack in cooking skills, I definitely make up for by baking delicious treats.

I’ve been doing this for quite some time now, and decided to start a blog about it for no reason other than to have an excuse and place to post my photos. So here it is! K Bright Treats. I hope you enjoy and maybe you’ll get a good recipe or two out of it. I’ll keep supplying you with drool-worthy photos and amazing recipes.  😉


K Bright


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