Baking Essentials

I have to say, before I got married I had no idea a lot of these things even existed. Gift registries are a wonderful thing. The good news is that most of these more simple gadgets are pretty inexpensive for the most part and can be found at your local home goods store.

Below are some items I can no longer live without in the kitchen:

Silicone Baking Mat


This non-slip baking mat is a fantastic tool to use on your cookie sheets to keep cookies or pastries from burning. It’s essentially the same as using parchment paper, but better in my opinion. I refuse to bake cookies on the actual surface anymore after getting one of these.

Cookie Scoop


How did I make perfectly proportioned cookies before using this scoop? I didn’t. I used a spoon that was too big or too small and scraped the dough off with my fingers. Ugh. This scoop grabs the perfect amount of dough and then BAM! You squeeze the handle and there it is on the mat, in a perfect little cookie ball. It’s a thing of beauty and eliminates a lot of mess and gooey fingers.

KitchenAid Mixer


Mine is PINK. My brother got me this amazing appliance for my wedding and I was so happy I cried. Do you get tired of standing over a bowl with a handheld mixer? Not with the KitchenAid. Lock that baby in place, put in your ingredients and walk away (I mean…not for long. You should probably come back and finish at some point). It has different attachments for different kinds of mixing and you can blend at different intensities. This beauty stays on my countertop 365, 24/7 as it’s used even more than the can opener.

Cookie Spatula


When I got this as a present I thought, “Is this really necessary?” The answer is yes. Have you ever used a big spatula to get cookies off a sheet and either smashed the cookie or had difficulty scooping under that little morsel of goodness? Well this is your solution. It’s the perfect size and gets the job done in record time.

Brownie Spatula


They honestly make baking tools for everything…as you can see. I don’t know about you, but I always struggled with getting brownies out of the pan in a neat square (partially because I can’t wait more than 5 minutes to eat them). With this fun little tool, you can easily scoop out your brownies. Ultimately, I think it’s easier if you put foil or parchment paper in and pull them out…but who’s got time for that?

Cooling Rack


Like I said, I have a hard time actually waiting to eat dessert, but this grid is excellent for letting your treats cool off and set. Especially helpful if I’m making a large batch and need to scoop cookies off to cool while I bake something else.

Icing/Frosting Gun

shopping (1)

Mine is not as nice as this one (cue shopping list addition) but this is such a great tool for icing your cupcakes, or decorating a larger cake. Get a good one with different decorating tips so that you have options for how to decorate.


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